Hi! Welcome to Chasing Shadows in the Dark. Thanks for stopping by my creepy little corner of the internet. My name is Alyson and I am a 30-something paranormal investigator from Scotland. For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with all manner of  creepy, strange and unusual things. Perhaps, this is because, in the words of the incomparable Lydia Deets, ‘I myself am strange and unusual’!

Chasing Shadows in the Dark is a personal blog dedicated to all things paranormal. I’m an amateur paranormal investigator and a practicing witch, and I will be writing mainly about my own experiences in these areas. I will also be be sharing local Scottish ghost stories, locations I have investigated and discussing various theories relating to the paranormal. I may even throw in the odd review of books or movies!

I don’t claim to be an expert. I don’t think that anyone can make those claims when we are dealing with something that is not quantifiable. All I can do is relate my own personal experiences. I am open minded, but not willing to believe that every strange thing is caused by paranormal forces. I will look for an explanation, and if there is none then I’ll consider it ‘unexplained’. Do I believe in ghosts? Yes. Am I asking you to do so? No. That’s for you to make up your own mind. I fully believe that until you have a personal experience of your own it is hard to say that you are a believer. All I ask is that you keep an open mind and be respectful even if your views differ from my own.

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Stay Spooky!


How Chasing Shadows in the Dark Was Born

It all started with horror movies. I am a self-certified gore whore and have always loved horror movies of any sub-genre from the monster movie, through the slasher flick and on to those paranormal tales. I’ve been watching horror movies since long before I was old enough and growing up, some of my earliest crushes included the likes of Bela Lagosi, Christopher Lee and Boris Karloff! Thanks to creepy older sisters, a lack of cash and a dad with a slightly skewed sense of what was appropriate for a six year old, much of my childhood included ghost stories like the Gorbals Vampire and day trips the Glasgow Necropolis! It’s no surprise that as I got older I began having what I would call ‘unexplained experiences’ and I don’t recall ever being particularly freaked out by them. I had always just accepted that ghosts were real!

As an adult, I remained a fan of horror and the paranormal, but had a healthy dose of skepticism. I still believed in the paranormal, but as fairly logical person I did struggle to blindly accept the existence of life after death. I suppose I was in love with the idea of ghosts, but I wasn’t sure of the practicalities of it all! My theory has always been this – our mind or consciousness is primarily made up of electrical energy. Anyone with even a small amount of scientific knowledge knows that energy can’t die – it just changes form. So, with that in mind – where does all that electrical energy go when we die? It has to go somewhere! Ghosts are just as viable an explanation as any!

It’s one thing having this theory in your head, but the first time it was actually put to the test was a memorable experience! In 2011, I took part in my first official paranormal investigation/ ghost hunt at Provan Hall in Glasgow. Following a personal experience that I struggled to wrap my own head around I went from being a theoretical believer to a fully invested believer! I was hooked. From that moment on I tried to attend as many investigations as possibly with a number of different groups. I also started reading up on all things paranormal – even writing about ghosts for my final project at university! In 2015, I got a last minute invitation to attend a paranormal investigation with Glasgow Paranormal Investigations at the Scottish Maritime Museum. It soon became clear that I had found my ‘tribe’. I’ve been investigating with them about once a month ever since and you will likely read about some of our adventures here!

I decided to start Chasing Shadows in the Dark because as my day job I am a copywriter, social media analyst and blogger. Writing is what I do. I’ve been contributing to a variety of paranormal publications for just over a year now, but I wanted the opportunity to write more about my own experiences. Others have shown an interest in hearing about it too, so I thought why not! The title of the blog is actually the name of my final project I submitted during my Literature degree, I always liked it so I decided to dust it off!