Abundance & Wealth Hocus Pocus Hamper – July 2018

Hello again shadow chasers! It’s time once again to take a look at the monthly Hocus Pocus Hamper from The Village Witch. This month it is all about Wealth and Abundance! For those of you who are not already aware, this is a monthly subscription box full of witchy goodness! Each month you receive multiple handmade magical ingredients from The Village Witch and an instructions on how to use them in a spell. There is also a monthly treat bag full of teas and snacks. Boxes also usually contain a selection of small trinkets and tools. In the UK the box is £30 including shipping and the contents always exceeds that value. This month in particular the magical ingredients alone were over the cost of the box, so all of the additional items were extras!

The July 2018 Hocus Pocus Hamper

Most months there is a theme that runs through the box. This one is actually a wealth and abundance theme and it could not have come at a better time for me! There are two spells designed to open yourself up to receiving abundance – a simple candle based spell and a honey jar spell. I’m going to take a look at the items individually here on the blog, but if you want to watch my unboxing of the kit you can check out the video below.

Abundance Aura SprayAbundance Aura Spray

One of the first items I noticed on opening the box was that we have another full sized aura spray. These sprays are an excellent way to cleanse and prepare a space – just a few squirts in the air is all it takes. These retail at £12.99, so it is awesome to get a full size one in the box. This month we have an Abundance Aura Spray to go with the theme of the July box. It smells beautiful, like most of the sub boxes all of the products contain similar ingredients. The recipes themselves are a closely guarded secret, but I can tell you that there is Patchouli, Vanilla, Sandalwood and Honeysuckle.

Money Drawing Floor Wash

The next item is a new product to me – one of The Village Witch floor washes. I’ve heard great things about these and although most of my home is carpeted you can use them on your doorstep and on your windowsills as well so I will certainly get some use out of it! The one in the sub box this month is the Money Drawing Floor Wash and I actually used it to wash down my work area before completing the spells! Once again the smell itself was beautiful and 3 days after I used it I can still smell the lingering aromas. If you are buying these individually the retail at £7.99 and again this is a full size product.

7 Wonders of Wealth Incense

I am particularly excited about the 7 Wonders of Wealth Incense because up until now I have only ever used incense sticks so this type of incense is new to me! It is used by placing a small amount on a lit charcoal disc. I am definitely a fan and I see myself adding a few more of these babies to my supply chest! It not only smells great, but it also looks beautiful too! The colours are so vibrant and it contains real gold leaf too which really helps with the abundance theme. While this is an exclusive to the sub box, you can find plenty of different varieties of incense in The Village Witch shop priced £5.99.

Banish Debt Powder

Another item in the sub box is this really useful Banish Debt Powder. It is part of the spell included in the box, but can also be used in a variety of other ways. Powders can be sprinkled on petitions, added to jar spells, sprinkled on candles and so on. All of the powders are handmade by The Village Witch team using family recipes. This particular one is designed to banish debt making it a great addition to the abundance themed sub box. Powders retail in the shop for £5.50 for 10ml or £25 for 50ml.

Money Drawing Ink

One of my all time favourite items in the sub boxes is the handmade inks (RRP £5.50)! They are full of magical intent and they smell wonderful. The Money Drawing ink is a wonderful vibrant green colour. Not only have I used the inks in magical workings, but they are also great for use in craft and journalling projects!

Showers of Gold Oil

The anointing oil in this month’s sub box is the Showers of Gold oil. It has the same scents as the other abundance themed products and you can see the herbs and gold leaf suspended in the oil. Like the rest of the Village Witch products, all of the oils are handmade by the team to secret generational recipes. Oils retail for £5.50 per 10ml bottle, and larger practitioner sizes are also available, priced £25 per 50ml if you are using the oil for services you offer – or just happen to use it a lot!

Money Drawing Lucky Rice

I think the product that I was most excited about was the Money Drawing Lucky Rice (RRP £5.99)! I have seen these in the shop, but had no idea how to use it! That’s something I love about the sub box. It gives me a chance to use items I have not tried before and that I might not have necessarily purchased for myself. I’ve not only used this particular rice in the sub box spell, but I have also gotten some great ideas from members of The Village Witch Community on other uses for it. That’s what really sets the shop apart from others in my opinion. You can seek out help not only from the team behind the shop, but also from members of the community. I started out with no idea what to do with the rice. Now I have a whole page of ideas in my book of shadows!

Additional Trinkets

The additional items in this month’s box were mostly parts of the spells and included:

  • A Small Silk Purse
  • Silver Toned Bowl
  • 2 Green Spell Candles
  • Small Glass Jar
  • Bay Leaf
  • $10 Fake Bill
  • I-Ching Coin
  • 3 Cowrie Shells
  • Paper 4 Leafed Clover
  • Green Organza Pouch
  • Money Bag Charm
  • Charcoal Disk
  • Treat Bag (Black Jacks, Chocolate Coins, Butter Cookie & 2 Pukka Teas)

Final Thoughts

Once again I am over the moon with my sub box. It is incredible value for money and is an excellent way to built up your witch’s store cupboard. It has introduced me to a few products I hadn’t used before. This is great as it helps me to expand my knowledge.

I had a great time doing the two parts of the Abundance spell. I cast it for my household and some of my friends who could use a little extra in their lives. If you want to pick up a Hocus Pocus Hamper of your own then I strongly recommend heading over to the Village Witch as soon as you can to snap one up as subscriptions do sell out super fast! Boxes are £30 including shipping in the UK and £45 including shipping if you are an international subscriber!

I would also highly recommend checking out the page of The Village Witch website which offers instructions on how to use the various products they sell if you are not familiar with any of the items. Of course you can always reach out to any of the team for advice as well.

Stay Spooky

Summer Solstice Hocus Pocus Hamper [June 2018]

If there is one thing that I love, it’s a good monthly subscription box! It’s like a little gift to yourself every month! I’ve tried a few different types, mainly stationery related,  but one that I have had my eye on for a very long time is the Hocus Pocus Hamper from The Village Witch! It is a monthly subscription box packed full of fantastic witchcraft related items and treats.

If you are in the UK it is priced £30 including shipping, and if you are international then it is £45. The minimum value of goods is £40, but it is often much more! As I said, I have been wanting one for a while now, but my budget wasn’t allowing for it! However, when I got a little birthday cash I decided to treat myself to the June 2018 box which happened to be a Summer Solstice & Festival themed box! I am so glad I did and I am definitely rejigging my budget to get this monthly!

I’ll be taking a closer look at the actual Village Witch products, here but the box also contained a variety of extra treat items which you can see more of in the video. These included a ‘festival fund’ money tin, mini dream catcher, photo frame magnet, hanging rainbow twizzler and a treat bag full of tea and sweeties!

Summer Zing Aura Spray

Summer Zing Aura Spray

I was super excited when I heard that the sub box was going to contain one of The Village Witch Aura Sprays. I’ve heard a lot of good things about them. These can be spritz around your home, your office, or your sacred area. This Summer Zing scent is exclusive to the sub box and it is so fresh and fruity with lots of lime, lemon, grapefruit and other summer aromas. It is perfect for really lifting your mood!

Summer Solstice Magical Bonfire Burning Mix

Summer Solstice Magical BonfireThe next item in the box was the Summer Solstice Magical Bonfire Burning Mix. This smells absolutely delicious as it is and when added to the bonfire it was even more amazing. I thought this was a great addition to the box given that Summer Solstice/Litha is a fire festival, so this gave a little extra touch of magic to the bonfire!

Summer Solstice Oil & Summer Zing Ink

Summer Solstice Ink and OilNext we have 2 small glass bottles and I have to say that I was so impressed with how these were packaged. They were double wrapped and sealed to ensure that there was no spillages in transit. The Summer Solstice oil smells lovely and uses the same combination of kaffir lime, sea coconut and chrysanthemums used in the other products, so everything works really well together on the same theme (which was inspired by one of my favourite witchy movies – Practical Magic!

The second bottle is the handmade Summer Zing Ink! This is the most vibrant yellow ink I have ever seen and is ideal to use in the enclosed spell! Not only is a wonderfully pigmented, but it also has a gorgeous smell thanks to those same herbs and ingredients. Make sure you watch the video to see a sneaky peak at the ink colour, it really is amazing!

Summer Cleansing Salt Mix

Next up we have a gorgeous little jar of Summer Cleansing Salt Mix which I absolutely love! I more or less exclusively use black salt so I am quite excited to use something different. Once again, it features some of the same ingredients as the other magical products so it smells really lovely!


Summer Solstice Spell Shooter

Summer Solstice Spell Shooter

Finally, and perhaps the most exciting of the magical items is a brand new product in The Village Witch store called a spell shooter. In fact, it is the first of its kind anywhere! The Summer Solstice Spell Shooter is almost like a magic party popper! You shoot the spell up into the air and let it all float down around you! Really magical! It contains a selection of herbs and ingredients to complement the other items in the box along with biodegradable confetti. It’s a great idea for really putting a burst of power behind your spell. I think the confetti aspect really lends itself well to Summer Solstice! I can’t wait to see which other spell shooters are released!

Final Thoughts

So, final thoughts on the June 2018 Hocus Pocus Hamper from The Village Witch? It’s my first box and it certainly is not going to be my last. I think the way that the magical elements are tied together by a theme is excellent. I would honestly pay the £30 just for those items. The additional gifts are extras in my eyes and make it a little more unique than other subscription boxes. If you would like to sign up for the next box then do so asap as they do sell out very quickly. I know that the July box is themed around money and abundance which is very timely for me indeed!